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When did it start?

Let's kick this off with a bit more about me and find out how I became a newborn photographer. I was born and grew up in France in a very loving family. I have so many happy childhood memories and my passion for photography definitely started there. In 2006, I was asked to be the godmother of my youngest cousin, she was arriving from Vietnam and was definitely the cutest baby on Earth, I was only 16 then and started to take a lot of photos of her!

My goddaughter and myself 2009

New beginnings in the UK

When I turned 18, I got gifted my first DSLR camera and learnt all the basics. Deep inside, I knew I wanted to work as a photographer I think but I decided to go into teaching as it felt "safer" at the time. After graduating in 2010, I decided to leave France behind to become a French teacher here in the UK. It wasn't easy, my English was terrible but I lived with a lovely British family in North London as an au pair and fell in love with the country and its culture. By then, you would have most likely seen me around London taking pictures of everything and anything!

Welcoming our baby girl

Then I decided to join Uni in London and took a PGCE course where I graduated as a French teacher. I was lucky enough to get a job offer in a secondary school in Surrey . For a few years, I absolutely loved my job and never regretted my choice of becoming a teacher. I met my Husband and then our little girl, Violette was born in April 2016. She was obviously the most beautiful human being and the passion for photography only grew stronger. I started to make new mum friends who all asked me to be the newborn photographer of their little ones and suddenly, a year later, White Shadows Photography was born!

newborn photographer
Violette, my beautiful baby girl 2016

White Shadows Photography was born

Looking back at it, it was a bit mad because I didn't really know what I was doing other than taking great photos but quickly I realised that I needed a bit of training and learning to enter the industry so I spent a long time learning about Newborn Safety, how to edit properly and much more all while teaching 4 days a week but the business started to grow.

newborn photographer
The beginning of my work as a newborn photographer 2017

In January 2019, our little Benjamin was born and I decided to fully embrace the full year of Maternity leave. It was so good, great in fact, so much that going back to teaching in January 2020 became very difficult. I couldn't handle the stress, the children were ill all the time, I couldn't push my business so in July 2020, I decided to resign and I think you know the rest of the story... Never give up on your dreams

Benjamin, my baby boy 2019

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