Bluebells family photoshoot in Folkestone, Kent

If you're looking to create some beautiful outdoor portraits, a bluebell woods is the perfect setting. The vibrant colors of the bluebells create a stunning backdrop for siblings to pose in. With the natural light filtering through the trees, you'll capture some truly magical images that will be cherished for years to come. That's how I've taken last week's family in a beautiful woodland filler with bluebells in Densole near Folkestone (Kent).

Building the relationship

Mums are always concerned that their little one won't play ball on the day. This is why building relationships with clients (biggest and littlest) is crucial for a successful session. By establishing trust and understanding their needs, you can better serve them and anticipate their requirements. Not only it fosters trust and loyalty but a positive rapport will make the photoshoot experience more enjoyable for both the clients and the photographer.

Choosing the location

When choosing a location for a photoshoot with children, you must consider their safety and comfort and this is why I always visit a location beforehand. I always look for places with natural lighting, such as a park or beach, to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere. Consider the children's interests and hobbies to select a location that will make them feel happy and relaxed. Lastly, ensure the location is easy to access for the children.

Always go with the flow

Photographing children can be a fun but challenging experience. They are full of energy and can be hard to keep still for a photo. Getting them to smile and pose can be a struggle, and they may not always follow directions. It's important to be patient and flexible, and to have plenty of snacks and toys on hand to keep them engaged! Despite the challenges, capturing their genuine joy and innocence is always worth it and usually outdoor photoshoots is the best way to capture their true personality.

Are you thinking about updating your family photos this Spring/Summer?

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