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Did you ever wonder how on Earth we can achieve this type of image?
Newborn Photographer Folkestone

This photo is one of the most requested image by my clients. We call it the Froggy pose! While I appreciate this isn't for everyone, I think I get why my clients love it so much!
Now, to be able to achieve the froggy pose, baby should, ideally, be asleep so their muscles relax and they can be posed safely. Here, at White Shadows Photography, I take baby's safety really seriously and baby will never be left unattended.

In fact this, this image is the product of 2 photos put together and my hand never stops supporting your baby! See the two images below:

Sadly, some newborn photographers have very little knowledge or training on how to achieve this. They will pose babies and let go "just for a second" to get the shot.
What I am trying to tell you is, choose your photographer wisely! Don't be scared to ask if and when they trained as a newborn photographer.

If you are considering me for your newborn photoshoot, note that I am fully trained, insured and experienced but if you have any questions, please, do ask! 🙂

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