What to expect from a baby and family photoshoot with Justine at White Shadows Photography in Folkestone?

Are you looking for a newborn, baby or family photographer in Folkestone? Look no further ! I specialise in capturing beautiful, unposed (for most of it!) moments that truly reflect the essence of your family.


Getting ready for your photoshoot is an exciting part of the process, where a little preparation goes a long way in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. The outfit choice is always an important part. Choosing outfits that complement one another without overwhelming the natural beauty of your family is key. Neutral tones and subtle patterns work best in my opinion. If you have any special items or personal mementoes you’d like to include in the shoot, please do let me know! This photoshoot is a collaborative effort designed to capture the essence of your family, so your input is invaluable to me!

No awkwardness!

There's always that assumption that you will be asked to pose and say "cheese" during your photoshoot. Even some lifestyle photographers make that assumption but it is not true, or not in my studio anyway! Of course there will be a few photos where you look at the camera and smile (it will make nanny and grandad happy for sure!) but I like to capture genuine moments between you and family. Moments that you will want to remember!

My sessions are all baby/child-led and we have fun! It's all about letting the little ones lead the way, capturing their spontaneous expressions! We make silly noises and there's a lot of dancing and tickling time involved!! Children are full of energy and full of life and we need to capture their personality just the way they are! Not only it ensures a stress-free experience for both parents and children but also results in images brimming with life and character.

On the day

From the moment we meet, my aim is to make you feel completely at ease, creating an environment where you and your loved ones can be yourselves. Throughout the session, I will guide you, suggest positions and activities that feel natural to your family, whilst always being ready to capture those spontaneous, unguarded moments that truly tell your story. All those a bit wary of the camera will soon forget it’s there, I promise!

I will always adapt to the moods and movements of the youngest members, ensuring they feel comfortable and happy.

After the photoshoot

Following your session, the meticulous process of curating and refining your images can begin. The editing phase is always approached with a light touch, I will enhance your images while preserving their authenticity.

Once the editing process is complete (usually within 7-10 days), you will receive a password protected gallery where you'll have the opportunity to select your favourites. This is where the journey of your photoshoot with White Shadows Photography comes full circle, transforming fleeting moments into lasting memories.

Ready to book your baby and family photoshoot?

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