Family Photoshoot in Hawkinge, Folkestone

Recently I wrote a blog post about how I have to be flexible and adjust to your children during our photoshoot together. This is exactly what I had to do during this family photoshoot. This lovely family came for the second time and we had agreed to meet outdoors but the weather wasn't great on the day so they met me in my studio in Hawkinge. They were a bit worried about how long little Ollie was going to be able to focus for. We all know toddlers' attention span is very short!! So we decided to start in the studio and then have a little run outside if it wasn't raining.

First stop, the studio!
family photographer folkestone hawkinge dover ashford

Mummy had styled the whole family to perfection with everyone matching which means studio photos were always going to stand out and I knew that outdoor would also work well! After 20 minutes in the studio, we decided to take the risk with the weather and go for a walk outside!

Second stop, all out!

Fortunately, there is a great little walk just up the road! It's a beautiful path surrounded with trees and so close that we could quickly run back if it started to rain. Everything about this worked so well, Ollie was having the time of his life running up and down the path!

Considering booking a family photoshoot?

When you book a photoshoot with me, let me know if you prefer an outdoor or indoor photoshoot. I am really happy to advise you on what to go for. If you want an outdoor photoshoot in Folkestone, Dover, Ashford or nearby areas, this is something I am happy to do! However if you are simply unsure about what you want but like the idea of having both studio and outdoor within the hour, it's possible. So why not enquire now?

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