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As your Newborn Photographer in Dover (and nearby areas), it is important for me to give you an insight of Newborn Photography.

In my latest post, I talked to you about the "froggy" pose which is one of my most requested pose with newborns. Well, the "bucket photo" is also extremely popular.
It is another one of those that some babies might not be able to do. Baby has to be asleep and very relaxed for me to be able to pose them in the bucket in the safest possible way.

How do you know if my baby is safe?

When we train as a newborn photographer, we learn to identify whether or not baby has been posed safely. Baby's skin colour is usually a good indicator of this. A bit of redness is normal due to baby's immature circulation system but really purple limbs is a no-no and it's time to give baby a break! Their skin/lip colour also gives clue on baby's body temperature. I always keep the studio very warm with the temperature sitting around 25-27 degrees to allow for undressed poses. However, I will adjust this depending on your baby's needs on the day.

Baby noises is another one to watch out for. Newborn babies are unable to protect their own airways so it is up to your photographer to make sure that they can breathe easily. The position of their chin has a huge part to play in this.

To sum this up, hire a TRAINED professional photographer who will take all these into account. This way, you know that your baby is in SAFE hands.

Here are a few of my favourite bucket photos, which one do you like the most?

newborn photographer dover

Please note that my latest training took place in October 2022 with Joanne Collins, you can check her website right here.

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