Personality Mini Sessions in Folkestone

Let your kids be kids!

I am so excited to offer Personality Mini Sessions in my studio!

Children change so quickly! There are so many things I don’t want to forget about my children, so I am sure it is the same for you!  Whether it's those silly faces, scrunched-up noses, wide-open-mouthed belly laughs, cheeky smiles, and even grumpy attitudes that you want to freeze in time to remember forever.  

  • Does your child have a favorite toy?  
  • Do they cover themselves in plasters and stickers?
  • Do they love to dress with all sorts of accessories (hats, sunglasses, necklaces)?

Now is the time to let them show it off!  

Beautiful Wall art for your home

Not only those mini sessions are an opportunity to document your child's personality but will be a great conversation starter for your guests when they see those epic photos displayed in your living room! Here is an example of what it could look like!

Why black & white?

Black and white removes all distractions and helps to really highlight the face and personality. Also, black and white images work in any room decor. Pictures of siblings will all work together without having to meticulously plan outfits - this makes life easy for you. Monochrome is striking and captivating.

Who is it for?

Mainly for 2-10 years old. These are not suitable for babies and could also be unsuitable for some 2 years old. This is a really short session and children will be asked to sit and do all sorts of silly things which some 2 years old might not be able to do depending on how advanced their speech is.

Do you want to book?

Head over to the booking platform where you can book your session with a £20 deposit.

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