5 tips to photograph a 5 years old!

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I have been photographing Angelo every year since he was 3 months old and it's always such a pleasure to welcome him back every time! He's such a clever boy with a great sense of humour! Like many 5 years old boys, he doesn't like to sit still and say cheese for very long! However, I have been doing this for a very long time now and I have some good tricks up my sleeves so I thought I would share my top 5 tips with you!

1 - Never tell them to smile at the camera

I know this might sound silly when all you want is a nice photo of your child showing their super cute smile. From experience, toddlers and young children will do the opposite of what you ask! Don't get me wrong some children have been so well trained at giving their best smile on demand but a lot of the time you'll end up with a weird grimace. Instead, I like to start engage with them, asking about their friends or to tell me a joke and the real smiles come out!

child photographer Dover
I told Angelo to sit here and listen out, then I started to make a lot of silly noises!

2 - Make it fun

Remember it's all about the jokes and the silly noises! Tickles and crazy voices work wonder too. The more you play their game, the more your child will co operate. Get them to move, do a little dance and I promise, you'll love those photos!

toddler photographer Folkestone
"Dance and jump at the same time"

3 - Plan location and props

You know your child better than everyone else and while you might really like the look of studio photos, you have to think about what your child would prefer. Some children really do benefit from being outdoors where they can run and be wild. Some others aren't too bothered but then the session has to be fun! I have a lot of little props we can use (balloons are always a hit!) and you can also bring some of their favourite toys!

birthday photographer hawkinge
One hand with the camera and the other to tickle!

4 - Let them be !

Let your child's personality shine through the lens. You will want to remember all their silly faces and expressions when they are older. They are only little for a few years! It's important for them to have FUN.

Family photographer ashford
Angelo insisted in wearing his sunglasses, of course he could. Doesn't he look so cool?

5 - Take bribes

Of course you must! Whether it's a family activity or a treat, they must ben rewarded for their "good work" ! Trust me, a chocolate button goes a long way when it comes to your child co operating!

milestone photographer dover
At the end of every session, I offer a little biscuit or a chocolate.

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