Baby Photoshoot Dover

Have you missed the window for a newborn photoshoot?

Don't worry, I've got you covered!

We tend to photograph newborns up to 8 weeks but really it's never too late to get some beautiful photos of your baby. In fact, in some instance, it's better to wait until baby is a little older. The longer you wait the more likely you are to capture some really sweet expressions. Whether it's a toothless smile or a rather curious face, it's all worth remembering!

Capture the bond

As your newborn is growing, they become so much more aware of the world around them. However, at this point, you are their everything! They will continue to benefit from being close to you and get those contact cuddles. They will always greet you with their best smile while they might stare and be a bit more wary of strangers. Surely these are moments you will never want to forget and I am here to capture it all for you!

If you'd love to have some similar memories to cherish, or have any questions about my baby sessions, get in touch and we can chat.

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